Services: Prepaid, Reloadable Visa® Card - Coopera

Coopera Prepaid, Reloadable Visa Card — Get all the convenience of a Visa debit or credit card, with less fees, hassles or risks. Contact DOCFCU to learn how to get your Coopera prepaid, reloadable Visa Card today. And, remember, this is GREAT as a "GIFT" Card too!


  • No check cashing, money order and money transfer service fees.
  • Use like cash, in person, online, pay bills, purchases or even withdraw cash.
  • Don’t worry about overdraft or late fees or finances charges.


  • Easy to open, no credit history, SSN or ITIN required.
  • Convenient, easily load/reload with direct deposit, online or Visa Readylink merchant.
  • Get up to six secondary cards to share balance - great for teens/students.


  • Safe, insured by Visa against loss or theft.
  • Use wherever Visa debit cards are accepted - perfect for travel, even internationally.
  • Makes a practical, convenient budgeting tool to avoid overspending.