Variable Term Share Certificates of Deposit

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Take advantage of great yields and comfortable terms. Share Certificates of Deposit are a great mid-level investment solution for members who want guaranteed results without risk*. With variable terms ranging from six months to five years, you can lock in competitive yields for as little as $500. In addition:

  • Dividends are posted monthly
  • Dividends can be applied directly to the Certificate, or transferred to your DOCFCU savings or checking account
  • Certificates are insured up to $500,000
  • Terms are flexible
  • Members can renew to a fixed term or variable term
  • Monthly dividend deposit to the CD, share or checking
  • Rate increase of .01% for Gold Members for every month within a term
  • 10 Day Grace Period to Renew or Close

Call DOCFCU customer service to open an account or conveniently OPEN ONLINE.

* An early withdrawal penalty may be assessed.

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